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In 2021, I accidentally became the author of:

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Blurb Reads:

A book that was never supposed to be a book, by an author that was never supposed to be its author.

After emailing Alexander Waugh something I had accidentally found, which he described as "marvellous," it was then suggested I write something for the De Vere Society Newsletter. Unfortunately what was subsequently written, in one of the wildest four week frenzies of my life, ended up being a little too long, and far too chaotic for feasible publication in the Spring Newsletter. So instead I turned it into a book, which actually seems to serve it better.

In this book I will share a few things that by fate, or good fortune, I happened to stumble across. A few of these things include:

**Shakespeare proving "his" identity for himself, in his own words.

**A few new Shakespeare finds.

**Potential solutions to a couple of outstanding mysteries. i.e. Why did Edward de Vere receive his mysterious annuity every year until his death? And secondly: how he died.

But most importantly to shine a light on his Living Monument, for it was made not just for our entertainment, but chiefly for our benefit. Want to write like Shakespeare? Don't worry, he will teach you

For a cheaper, black and white paperback click here:

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This book was written in a wild 4 week frenzy

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