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Stoney River

A Beginner's Trilogy

Comprised of my first three books of poetry: 'Her Iris,' 'No I Am Yes ?' and 'The Death Of A Romantic.'  The first flickers of a poetic flame and its gradual development.

A Beginners Triology.png

coffee cup inscriptions

Never underestimate the Muse of Coffee.

Comprised of Coffee Cup Inscriptions; and Coffee Cup: Extra Shot



A miscellaneous collection of poems, sewn together with a loose political thread.


hot potato

3 pieces of spoken word performance poetry.

'Epoxy Resin' and 'Total Madness' were first performed at the Newcastle Literary Salon. The third piece 'Transcendence,' transcends. 

Hot Potato.png

Casanova's playbook

Love. Lust. Exploration. Anger. Success.

Basketball Game

The Geometry of birds in flight

The concept for this book was conceived in 2018, when I wrote the first poem for it.

Due date 2024.

The Flock
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